Company Profile

Greenville LNG company Ltd. is the pioneer Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production and distribution company in Nigeria using an innovative virtual pipeline system for supply of gas within Nigeria.

Greenville LNG has a gas processing facility in Rumuji, Rivers State in Nigeria with three (3) liquefaction trains and a total capacity to produce 2250MT of LNG per day in Phase 1. Phase 2 of the project will include two (2) additional liquefaction trains, which will increase the total capacity produced to 5250MT per day. Greenville LNG is now onstream, producing and marketing Liquefied Natural Gas to customers across Nigeria since April 2019.

The customers of Greenville LNG are located across the country in all regions of Nigeria. The customers are supplied LNG by cryogenic tankers directly from the plant in Rumuji in Rivers state.

Greenville LNG has an initial fleet of 300 LNG fueled trucks with cryogenic tanks and a capacity of 23MT each and the trucks travel more than 1000 km on a stretch without refueling. Greenville trucks are fitted with GPS tracking devices to monitor movement and to ensure that LNG is delivered on time, every time. Greenville LNG is the first company in Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa to run its entire fleet of tankers 100% on LNG.

To ensure wider consumption of LNG, Greenville LNG refueling stations are strategically located across Nigeria for LNG fueled vehicles.
With experience in hydrocarbon logistics across Nigeria, Greenville LNG uses its innovative logistic approach to improve access to clean and affordable fuel for power, industrial and automotive uses.

Greenville LNG is a one stop solution for gas power anywhere in Nigeria, with a capacity to supply LNG for industries with capacities from 1MW to 250MW. Greenville LNG is now in the Process of setting up distribution hubs in different parts of the country to cater to SMEs with typical power requirements of 200 KW to 1 MW.

Overall, Greenville LNG offers competitive pricing of LNG with ready to use facilities for storage, regasification and power generation, depending on the need of the consumer. Our customers are guaranteed product quality and supply to meet fuel requirements all year round.

Greenville LNG is contributing to ending gas flaring, creating a greener environment, value added jobs, reducing the disbursement of foreign exchange for diesel importation, and contributing to economic growth in Nigeria.


Our History


Greenville Oil & Gas Company Limited (Greenville LNG) was incorporated.


The founders of Greenville Oil & Gas Company Ltd. dis-invested its bitumen business in March 2015, to invest in the LNG Business. Greenville LNG acquired land in Rumuji, Rivers State, Nigeria for the LNG plant. Civil construction of the Greenville LNG plant commenced.


Installation of the gas liquefaction trains 1, 2 & 3 at the Rumuji LNG plant.


Inauguration of Greenville LNG plant, the first mini-LNG plant in West Africa. Civil construction of Greenville LNG customer locations commenced across Nigeria.


LNG production and distribution commenced in April 2019. Greenville LNG customer locations were commissioned, and supply of LNG commenced


Greenville is supplying LNG to customers across Nigeria in Sokoto, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, Nasarawa, Kogi, Osun, Ogun, Oyo, Lagos, Abia, Rivers, and Enugu. More customer sites are being added to this list. Greenville is also planning to set up Gas Hubs for SMEs and Autogas.

Virtual Pipeline System

Greenville LNG has brought the first LNG fuelled trucks into Nigeria to distribute LNG to our customers in all parts of Nigeria. The Virtual Pipeline System allows LNG to be transported to non-pipeline connected areas, especially the gas starved parts of Nigeria.

Using LNG as fuel enables an economic alternative for long haul trucking, this will make a positive impact of about 35% reduction on transportation & logistics costs in Nigeria. Our initial fleet of 300 cryogenic trucks have a capacity of 23MT each and can travel more than 1000 km at a stretch without refueling.

Greenville LNG trucks are fitted with GPS tracking devices to monitor movement and to ensure that LNG is delivered on time, every time. Greenville LNG customers will have cryogenic storage tanks, full regasification units and other skids on-site. This will enable LNG to be stored at the customer end before refueling.

Greenville LNG customers have the added advantage of a virtual pipeline system that enables LNG to be distributed to industries all over Nigeria, without any disruption in supplies. To complement our Virtual Pipeline System, Greenville LNG refueling stations are strategically located across Nigeria.