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  • Future Projects

Greenville customers are mainly large industrial / manufacturing plants and power plants located across Nigeria. These customer sites are installed with LNG cryogenic storage tanks, regasification units comprising vaporisers, flow meters, pumps, and other accessories. The sites have containerised control room provided by Greenville. These control rooms are connected to the Greenville SCADA. Key measures are available with Greenville such as stock levels which then prompts the Greenville logistics team to ensure supply of LNG to the customer on time. All customer sites adhere to DPR regulations and are approved by them. Greenville has a technical team which attends to all customer sites when required.

Greenville is establishing numerous Gas Hubs across Nigeria. The Gas Hubs will cater to SMEs and Autogas in the surrounding areas. These mid and smaller customers typically have power requirements between 150 KW to 1 MW and requirements for heating applications. The Gas Hubs will act as catalysts for macro-economic development in the areas they are located. These Gas Hubs will also facilitate Autogas initiative replacing PMS with L-CNG for small and medium sized vehicles and Diesel with LNG for heavy duty vehicles. Greenville will supply L-CNG to sub-hubs on retail stations some of which will be on DODO model.

Greenville has LNG refueling stations at 7 locations in Nigeria. More are being planned. The LNG retail stations are located strategically that an LNG-fueled truck can travel across the country by refueling at one or more of the stations. Greenville LNG refueling stations cater to not only own fleet but also to fleet companies with LNG fueled vehicles (truck, tankers, buses). Our refuel stations are located in Rumuji (Rivers State), Koton Karfe (Kogi State), Sagamu (Ogun State), Ikpoba LGA (Edo State) and Kakau LGA (Kaduna State). In addition to these there are 2 mobile refuellers which also refuel trucks with LNG. Phase 2 will comprise of LNG refueling stations at Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Jos, Bauchi, Maiduguri, Sokoto and more locations in Nigeria.

Greenville is participating in various special projects such as supplying LNG to power plants in Maiduguri and Sokoto. The company is setting up storage tanks and regasification facilities at the sites of these projects. The company is also setting up LNG refueling stations on highways in such locations so that the Greenville LNG-fueled fleet of trucks can transport LNG using the shortest route possible. Greenville is also in advanced stages of discussions with large customers in West Africa outside Nigeria. The company will transport LNG by a combined mode of sea and road transport to supply LNG to the neighbouring countries.