Greenville LNG supplies Liquefied Natural Gas to any location in the country with company owned fleet of 300 LNG Tanker Trucks and a network of storage tanks in Nigeria.

Greenville LNG has brought the first LNG fueled trucks into Nigeria to distribute LNG to our customers. Each tanker capacity has a capacity of 52M3 with carrying load of 21 MT (28,000 SCM approx.). There are larger tankers of 58M3 with carrying load of 24 MT (32,000 SCM approx.). The truck is offloaded in 3-4 hours. These trucks can haul more than 1200 kms on single fill. All these trucks are enabled with 24×7 GPS tracking system.

The company provides cryogenic storage tanks to store LNG at -162C temperature at customer sites, fuel stations and other locations. The cryogenic storage tanks are available in various sizes such as 60M3, 80M3, 110M3 and 150M3

The Company is fully equipped to provide complete energy solution to its customers through reliable supply of LNG and related services.