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New Retail Stations

Greenville currently has five LNG retail stations in Nigeria. These are strategically located in such places that the fleet can cover maximum distance across the country when refuelling at these stations. The stations are currently located at the following sites:

  • Kakao, Kaduna
  • Koton Karfe, Kogi
  • Sagamu, Ogun
  • Benin City, Edo
  • Rumuji, Rivers

In addition, the company operates two mobile refuellers – currently located at Warri, Delta and Sokoto.

The company plans to install more LNG dispensing stations in Lagos, FCT, Kano, Yola, Jos, Bauchi, Sokoto and other locations. This will enable fleets of trucks to go to any part of the country using 100% LNG as fuel. Soon, Greenville plans to install and operate more than twenty Macroeconomic Gas Hubs which will dispense LNG to customers such as industrial and power generation companies, as well as to the transport sector. These Gas Hubs will be located across the country in the northern, central and southern regions. The aim of the company is to provide gas to all potential users in the transport sector pan Nigeria.