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Is LNG Safe ?

The LNG industry’s highest priority has always been safety and security, which is reflected in the industry’s enviable safety record. LNG is not stored under pressure and it is not explosive. Although a large amount of energy is stored in LNG, it cannot be released rapidly enough if released into the open environment to cause the overpressures associated with an explosion. LNG vapors (methane) mixed with air are not explosive in an unconfined environment. A major incident resulting in a large release of LNG could result in a fire, but only if there is the right concentration of LNG vapor in the air (5% – 15%) and a source of ignition.

Greenville LNG values safety and environment as its top priority. Greenville LNG uses the most advanced technology, robust safety systems, stringent procedures and well qualified, highly trained professionals to ensure the highest levels of safety.We will implement multiple layers of protection that ensure the safety and wellbeing of our workers, our customers and our community.

Greenville LNG provides appropriate security, planning, prevention and risk mitigation in close coordination with customers, local, state, and federal authorities. These measures significantly reduce risks from intentional events such as terrorist acts. Greenville will provide extensive training on handling and the safety aspects of LNG to all its customers.

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