Greenville LNG HSE Commitment

Greenville LNG Company Limited is committed to the protection of People, Assets, Environment, and its Reputation (PAERs), in all her operations including Construction, Production, Transportation, Service Stations, Customer Centers, etc. Greenville LNG aims to be in full compliance with all applicable legislations and industry best practices.

The philosophy of our operations is based on verifiable and reportable systems that engender the right and demonstrate positive HSE culture amongst employees, our host communities and other stakeholders. Our focus is for HSE continual performance improvement by implementing value adding recommendations.

At Greenville LNG, we see safety as everyone's responsibility. And we work towards ensuring that every person at all our location become safety cautious and priority. Thus, we task every person in our team with their personal safety and the safety of others.

Greenville Policy Objectives are to:

Implement and continuously improve organization-wide Health, Safety and Environment Management System(HSE MS).

Maintain an adequate and effective Emergency Response Plan (ERP) to control, mitigate, and recover from any emergency (incident or accident), crisis, and business disruption.

Equip employees at all levels with requisite competences to execute their respective roles and responsibilities in conformity with industry best practices.

Ensure that contractors’ HSE Policies and Implementation as well as their HSE MS plans and procedures align with Greenville’s HSE MS.

Ensure that Greenville HSE policy is made available to all employees and stakeholders who shall be required to have an understanding of its objectives.

Greenville LNG HSE Management System

Greenville HSE Management System is a set of policies, standards, work plans, and procedures that are used by Greenville in conducting its operations. It provides a standardised, efficacious and consistent system of work which allows for safe work for all our employees. The Management System covers all aspects of Greenville Operations from Road Transport Safety, Chemical Hazard Communications, Catering and Food Safety, Emergency Response Management, Drugs and Alcohol Policy among other aspect. Greenville HSE MS conforms to the Occupational Safety and Health Association Process Safety Management.

Greenville LNG Life Saving Rules

Greenville LNG Life Saving Rules is based in internationally accepted best practices. The fifteen (15) rules allows for personal work safety. They express our HSE standards and communicate critical requirements to workers, visitors and contractors. Our employees are required to learn all 15 rules and apply them on a daily basis, so it comes naturally to them. The Life Saving Rules is an important element in our safety talks.