Greenville has a network of LNG refueling stations located at strategic sites across the country. These facilitate movement of LNG fueled trucks of Greenville.  

Greenville is the first company to introduce virtual pipeline of transporting LNG in Nigeria. The company does so by road tankers using LNG as fuel. These trucks can travel more than 1200 kms in a single refuel. Hence, the company has LNG refueling stations in strategic locations from where the trucks can be refuelled and go to remote locations of Nigeria. Currently the Greenville LNG refuelling stations are located at Rumuji in Rivers, Koton Karfe in Kogi, Benin in Edo, Sagamu in Ogun and Kakau in Kaduna. More such filling stations are planned by the company.

The Greenville Virtual Pipeline offers industrial customers and power plants located in sites away from gas pipelines to use natural gas economically. The virtual pipeline also has great advantages such as planning and transporting exact amount of LNG required by each customer over a period.