The completed $450m mini LNG plant by Greenville LNG

The recently completed $450m mini LNG plant by Greenville LNG that will be providing substitutes to diesel in Nigeria’s industries. They are the first in Africa [SSA] to use LNG fuel instead of diesel on all their hundreds of supply trucks to cut cost by 30%.

Firms will save billions of Naira by running their plants on LNG as opposed to diesel fuel. BUA Cement in Sokoto which is planning to reduce its prices of cement, is already building an 86Mw LNG plant to reduce production expenses by 30%, with gas supply from Greenville.

Some factories have immediately abandoned their diesel generators to stay competitive in Nigeria by adopting gas as power source.

This is why the AKK pipeline is important for industrialization. A company that spends N100m on diesel will be spending N60m on LNG for same energy.


Date: June 14, 2021