Greenville facilitates all customers with LNG regasification facility consisting on-site storage tanks, regasification equipment and associated facilities at customer sites.

LNG is converted from liquid to gas by ambient air vaporizers at customer sites. There is no energy consumption for vaporization. The company provides or aids in installing containerized control room, gas sensors, temperature sensors and other equipment and accessories. All equipment is skid mounted and easy to install.

Greenville aids the customers in getting requisite approvals and by providing inputs with drawings etc. for civil works and on-site installations. 

The company provides efficient logistics and maintenance support ensuring uninterrupted supply of LNG. The storage and regasification facility are custom designed to meet specific requirement of each customer.

LNG is offered at competitive price under long-term supply contract and is transported and delivered through Tanker Trucks owned and operated by the Company under its Virtual Pipeline network.