Greenville LNG Pledges to Support Nigeria’s Economic Growth

The Managing Director of Greenville LNG Limited, Ritu Sahajwalia, has declared that the company was set to be a catalyst to Nigeria’s economic growth, by making liquefied natural gas available to all in the country. Speaking at the inauguration of Greenville LNG Customer Location at Dufil Prima Foods Plc, Port Harcourt, Sahajwalia said the company was also set to supply LNG to fire the Kaduna Power Plant in the northern part of the country.

She said: “We brought this LNG concept in 2014 and now it has materialised. We have 2,250 tonnes of LNG. That is our capacity and with the view to expand more. We will be supplying energy to Kaduna Power Plant in the North. Up till now, it is not connected with the grid.
“There are other requests from the north. Industries are growing and they need LNG. It is better to supply to power plant than individuals in the north.

“LNG is catalyst to the growth of the country. Nigeria’s economy is very resilient. At this time, Nigeria needs to go more into industrialisation. Nigeria has so much potential in terms of the people and resources to reach the next level and my belief is that Nigeria can reach that level in no time. What we need is more industrialisation, more jobs and more skills. LNG is like mobile phones because it can be taken to every nook and cranny there is a requirement for power. Power will not be the issue to start a company because one truck can produce 5 mw of power.”

A Director at Greenville LNG, Oyadoyin Joseph, also corroborated Sahajwalia’s claims on the impact of the plant. He said, “When you look at it, we are undergoing a silent revolution. Your generator that is using fuel, by the time you introduce LNG, it is going to reduce the cost of running and maintenance which will increase your gross profit.”
He also said the company supplies cooking gas to people on demand.

Also, the Hydro Corporation Manager of all Choba Factories of DufilPrima Foods Plc, partners of Greenville LNG, Mr. Virender Pathania, said LNG has less pollution and was cost effective. “If you look at this project, this is green energy. Carbon emission will be very less, it is cost effective, easy to store, easy to transport. It is the cost effective solution to fuel because you need fuel to run your industry and this is the best solution for your utilities,” he said.

The Permanent Secretary of the Rivers State Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, Richard Hart, also commended the company for breaking new grounds. Hart, who was represented by the Legal Officer in the Ministry, Mrs. Adieneye Okonny, said the state government was prepared to provide the necessary infrastructure and encouragement for companies that invest in the state.

Source: This Day, Nigeria

By Ernest Chinwo in Port Harcourt

July 23, 2019