//Rumuji, Rivers State

Rumuji, Rivers State

There is a total of sixteen schools in Rumuji; nine primary schools and seven secondary schools. As part of our objectives to improving the learning environment of children in our host communities, Greenville LNG donated branded exercise books to students and teachers in the community schools in 6th of June 2018. List of benefiting schools:
  • NIKI Primary school, Rumuji.
  • Ojims Primary School, Rumuji.
  • NIKI Secondary school, Rumuji.
  • Advent Primary School, Rumuji.
  • Advent Secondary school, Rumuji.
  • Eli-science Primary school, Rumuji.
  • Cornerstone Primary school Rumuji.
  • Dollars International school, Rumuji.
  • Eli-science Secondary school, Rumuji.
  • State school 1 primary school, Rumuji.
  • State school 2 primary school, Rumuji.
  • Cornerstone Secondary School, Rumuji.
  • Ojims Group of Christian schools, Rumuji.
  • God’s Proof Model Education centre, Rumuji
  • Community Junior Secondary school, Rumuji.
  • Community Senior Secondary school, Rumuji.