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About Greenville LNG

Greenville Liquefied Natural Gas Co. Ltd. is the unique pioneer in the private sector for the LNG production for industrial domestic consumption in Nigeria. Promoters of Greenville have proven expertise and professionalism in logistics of hydrocarbon products all over Nigeria with supply of high quality products to very reputed customers in Nigeria over a decade. Logistics has been a strong point in the hydrocarbon business with an efficient fleet management and 24 x 7 GPS tracking ensuring delivery on time, every time everywhere. Greenville has the facility to produce LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) and the logistics to supply the LNG to all locations across Nigeria. Greenville has the capability and proven track of erecting storages and allied facilities at the customer end. The aim of Greenville is to produce and deliver gas to all parts of Nigeria for existing industries and to revive shutdown/crippled Industries due to lack of power or lack of competitive power supply options.

Greenville will bring the first fully LNG powered trucks into Nigeria

Greenville will promote the development of LNG fuelled trucks in Nigeria for 3rd parties, reducing considerably, transport/logistics costs in Nigeria

Greenville will set up adequate number of strategically located LNG& CNGrefuelling stations to cater to vehicles fuelled by LNG or CNG.

Greenville Services to Customers

Our logistics experience gives us the competitive advantage to ensure delivery of our product in any part of the country in the shortest possible time.

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