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Greenville for Domestic Market

Nigeria is blessed with massive reserves of associated and non-associated gas, estimated in excess of 160 trillion cubic feet. It is ranked amongst the 9th largest in terms of proven natural gas reserves in the world, and its natural gas reserves / production is estimated at 109 years. About 70% of gas is flared in Nigeria.

Nigeria has one of the lowest net electricity generation per capita rates in the world.

In a population of about 170 million, less than 65% currently have access to electricity.

Nigeria is among the most important producers of LNG in the world. The considerable current demand on power and poor services forces large part of factories to resort to the self-generation at a high cost.

Greenville will set up adequate number of strategically located LNG & CNG refuelling stations to cater to vehicles fuelled by LNG or CNG.

Nigeria produces about 22 Million Tons of LNG but not a drop of LNG is used in the domestic market.

Most regions of Nigeria are currently excluded from the pipeline network for distribution of natural gas (NG); therefore the availability of LNG in replacement of NG would benefit particularly the gas deprived regions for their economic and social development.

A vibrant domestic LNG fuel industry can provide the following community benefits

  • Balance of Trade benefits through reduced oil importation.
  • Fuel security.
  • Reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and related environmental benefits.
  • Increase in power generation by releasing stranded capacity of completed gas to power plant located outside existing gas pipelines and supplying LNG fuel
    to power self-generating factories .
  • Create the balance on energy price between the pipeline connected areas and the other areas of the country. It will immediately bring relief to some industries
    such as textile, cement and other big users of AGO, that are no longer competitive because of high price of energy produced using AGO.

Greenville Services to Customers

Our logistics experience gives us the competitive advantage to ensure delivery of our product in any part of the country in the shortest possible time.

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