2,250 tonnes p/d LNG plant inaugurated in Emohua

///2,250 tonnes p/d LNG plant inaugurated in Emohua

2,250 tonnes p/d LNG plant inaugurated in Emohua


A 2,250 tonnes per day capacity Liquefied Natural Gas plant has been inaugurated by Greenville Oil and Gas Company Limited at Rumuji, Emohua Local Government.

The plant is worth $500 million with an annual capacity of 750 million tonnes.

The Chairman, Greenville LNG, Eddy Broeke, said at the occasion that the mission is to bridge the natural gas supply gap in order to promote economic and social development and revive moribund industries across the country.

“We’ve invested about $450m to $500m on this project.

“And this is because we have to build the whole infrastructure on our own, which includes the construction of filling stations for our product on strategic locations across the country.

“Environment wise, this is going to be a full revolution, especially in transportation methods. With respect to transportation, permit me to say that what we are bringing into Nigeria and Africa is the first set of trucks that are fuelled by LNG. Normally, this should reduce the price of transportation and logistics by about 35 to 40 per cent.”

He also stated that the product would serve electricity generation plants that found it tough to get gas through pipelines.

The Port Harcourt City News November 22, 2018. By Kolawole Mubaraq.